Thursday, June 6, 2013

Lemonade Stand turned Cupcake Bakery

This idea brought back some great childhood memories!  Nothing says fun like keeping the kids busy and having them make a bit of money as well.  Two BIG priorities, it needed to be safe and store easily.  CHECK!

This was a three step process.

#1 - The base and counter top

 #2 - The Awning

 PVC pipe and pipe fittings                         Created reversible awning with 45" wide fabric


Folded seams using Stitch Witchery                                           Added Velcro to hold awning in place


#3 Paint and decorate. 
Have fun building the stand with your child or grandchild.  With a few changes of color or awning placement you could easily make this into a sail boat, a car or a lemonade stand.  Kids can easily change their minds,  yep, we attached the Cupcake sign with Velcro just in case!

To download the instructions go to our Etsy store here.

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