Saturday, September 28, 2013

DIY Ink Pad Storage for $15

In a previous post here I sold my dining room set and used the money to repurpose this room into my new craft room. 

However, as you can see in the photos below, I was in need of an easy solution to access my stamp pads.  Most of what I found online were storage units that were too much $$$, or  not the right dimensions.
My ideal ink storage unit had to be light weight, customizable (note the IKEA shelf),   easy to construct and cheap!    The solution was foam board and a glue gun for $15! 
The first photo (Before) required moving the pads around to get to the colors I needed.  Keeping the pads organized by color required moving them around again when I was finished with the pad.    Doesn't look great either.
Ink Pad Storage Before

Ink Pad Storage After

What an improvement!  I used decorative papers to identify color storage for my ink pads, glitter glue, spritz bottles etc…  Each of the shelves are removable giving me options to change the storage configuration should my needs change.  The decorative paper liners are held in place using temporary glue dots.  All this with a glue gun and foam board for under $15.  FYI, Hobby Lobby has colored and designer foam board!
You can view the video on YouTube channel craftingsisters2.  The measurements and instructions are available at our Etsy store CraftingSisters2 by clicking on the store widget located on the right of this blog. 
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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Make your own cake plates or serving platters

In my earlier post here, I made serving dishes (or cake plates) with a candle stick holder and a plate.  To use as a cover I purchased a bowl and glued a drawer pull on the bottom of the bowl for a handle.  The bon appétit’ lid label was created on my Silhouette Cameo.   

bon appetit

At the time of the post, I had not made up my mind how I would finish the glass bowl lid for the larger plate.  Etching glass is nice, however, I wanted to add some color to the top and keep it dishwasher safe.  There are two ways for the paint to cure.  One, after you are finished painting, set the piece in a cold oven and set the temp to bake at 350 for 30 minutes.  Turn the oven off and let the item cool completely in the oven.  Second, you can paint and let it cure for 21 days.   The E6000 glue I used to attach the drawer pull to the lid will withstand heat to 150, so the 21 day cure was my only option.  
Sweet Treats

Since I was experimenting with glass paint, I decided to make a candy dish.   

Trio Cake1

Makes for a great end of the summer lunch celebration! 

Monday, September 9, 2013

Back to School for Kids and Mom

Kid Adult Book Cards


September brings excitement of back to school for kids and Mom.  The first card I created for kids using my Silhouette Cameo for the books, apple for the teacher and stamped the alphabet letters. The apple reads “So many books, so little time…”.

Many of my friends are avid readers and belong to book clubs, so I made an adult version of this card which says, “So many books, so little wine….” I’ve heard your stories about book club meetings and wine! Again, using my Cameo I created the books and glasses.  The saying was typed and printed and the wine glass was stamped and filled with a Noir pen. 

Happy stamping!

Fun Weekend with my Silhouette Cameo - Gift Ideas

These labels were made with vinyl using the Curlz MT font.  The font is very thin in some areas, use blue painter’s tape to transfer the vinyl to the jars.  Worked like a charm!

DSC_0081               DSC_0083
I made two cake stands with tops this weekend for $12!  So easy, made with candle stick holders and plates ($ Store and Goodwill),  E6000 glue (Michaels using 40% coupon), bowls for covers (IKEA) and drawer pulls for handles (Lowes).  I didn’t find a drawer pull in the right color yellow, so I purchased a two-pack of wooden pulls,  painted and varnished one of them to get the color I wanted.  The bon appétit label was made with the Cameo.  My plan is to use glass paint to decorate the pink cover making it dishwasher safe.  I will post those results next week.

DSC_0048     DSC_0066

Have a great week.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Love my Silhouette Cameo

I  love…love…love my Silhouette Cameo.  Making gifts for people I care about warms my heart and the Silhouette Cameo makes it fun.  Best purchase I could have made!!

While in Pinetop, AZ we went to a salvage yard owned by Lamell Lewis on Lone Pine Darn Road.  This owner has buildings of incredible collections, shabby chic, rustic furniture, antiques and collectibles, and he also does custom orders.  You could easily spend a day going through buildings of antiques, furniture, trinkets, etc.  It is a dream place for those of us who like to repurpose items.  My husband was grateful we had flown to AZ, I think he had visions of renting a U-Haul.  
Anyway, Sheryl purchased this frame from the salvage yard.  The owner created the frame from scrap pieces.  Great repurpose idea!  I purchased the saying from the Silhouette store here and cut out the saying in black vinyl.  We measured the glass that came with the frame and went to Home Depoe to have another piece cut.  I transferred the saying to the back glass using sheets from a lint roller….I am sure there is a better way, but this was my first attempt and it was all we had to work with. 
A special thanks to Sheryl for hosting Sister’s week in Pinetop! 

For any of you who are near or planning to visit Show Low, AZ, send me an email and I will give you the information on how to find Lamell's incredible place.

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