Saturday, September 28, 2013

DIY Ink Pad Storage for $15

In a previous post here I sold my dining room set and used the money to repurpose this room into my new craft room. 

However, as you can see in the photos below, I was in need of an easy solution to access my stamp pads.  Most of what I found online were storage units that were too much $$$, or  not the right dimensions.
My ideal ink storage unit had to be light weight, customizable (note the IKEA shelf),   easy to construct and cheap!    The solution was foam board and a glue gun for $15! 
The first photo (Before) required moving the pads around to get to the colors I needed.  Keeping the pads organized by color required moving them around again when I was finished with the pad.    Doesn't look great either.
Ink Pad Storage Before

Ink Pad Storage After

What an improvement!  I used decorative papers to identify color storage for my ink pads, glitter glue, spritz bottles etc…  Each of the shelves are removable giving me options to change the storage configuration should my needs change.  The decorative paper liners are held in place using temporary glue dots.  All this with a glue gun and foam board for under $15.  FYI, Hobby Lobby has colored and designer foam board!
You can view the video on YouTube channel craftingsisters2.  The measurements and instructions are available at our Etsy store CraftingSisters2 by clicking on the store widget located on the right of this blog. 
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  1. WOW. I have to make this. I. Am not very persice in measuring so I will have to get my husband yo help me.Who ever planned this is awesome. Will you be planning anymore storage items maybe with drawers. Again fabulous. Thanks for sharing