Saturday, November 16, 2013

Fall Cards

 Double Spider Web
There are so many things I love about Fall, starting with watching the leaves change color.  Nature at its best, the colors are so vibrant it takes my breath away.  At about the same time, the spiders begin their web building.  I took this picture in the a.m. while it still had a few dew drops hanging from the web. Although I don’t care for spiders, they do have a talent and these two webs were spectacular.
During this time is Halloween, kids and costumes.  Answering the door is way too much fun.  The little ones who are having their first real understanding that Halloween means free candy, priceless!  Several little ones felt pretty at home and walked it the door like this was a good place to stay.  LOVE IT!  Our little Julian is 2 and stood at the door waving and saying “hi guys” as he CAREFULLY handed out candy.  One little guy gave him a hug and they were Halloween buds for life! 
Then there is Thanksgiving, from planning the food, cooking ahead, spending time with friends and family… yes, even the cleanup is busy, busy, busy.  But I am grateful for every blessing that passes over my family.  Even the challenges are a blessing giving us a chance to grow, learn, have faith and be grateful.  We continue missing those who are no longer with us, but they do not leave our  hearts or our conversations.  Over time our heart hurts less and we can smile at the memories. 

Fall Cards There are also birthdays in October/November, so making fall themed cards is fun for me.  Although I have more cards to make, I wanted to share with you two cards already completed.  These fall cards can be used as a Thanksgiving or Thank You card for the person who cooked a great meal at Thanksgiving.
The card on the left was made using my Silhouette.  I have a template version of this card which my sister made last year.  I will attach the template and photo below (email me and I will send you the templates in a zip file).  It is a bit different, but for those of you who don’t have the Silhouette, this is a good option.
The second card is a birthday card  using inks and a leaf stencil to create a multi-layered look.  I did double stamp the wheat and use multi colors to give it some depth.

Apron Card-2Apron Card-1 
These are templates I created from the card my sister sent.  I think these originally came from CardMaker Magazine.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you are having a wonderful fall.  Have a great week!

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