Saturday, December 20, 2014

Santa Kisses for Kids

For you teachers out there, we made it through our final week of school before Christmas break.  Olaf was hidden in our room and each morning those darlings looked for where Olaf was hiding.  As they gathered in circle, the teacher read which student Olaf noticed in class with with good behavior.  It helped maintain the number of meltdowns to Christmas with the kids.  What a fun idea and it held the attention of the students.

We also had special treats when they came in from the last recess of the day….the anticipation in their eyes as they came through the door…..priceless!

I love the Santa Kisses poem, so it was an easy choice for me to decide what to contribute to this group of little people. 

Santa Kisses

The snowflake jar filled with kisses was for the teacher who contributes so much to her students.  Parents, volunteer at your school to understand how much work is involved with your child.  It really takes a village to educate our children.

Here is how I created the treats,


Red label to hold the printed poem with Santa picture (I used a label but a Santa boot or sleigh would be fun!)

Santa List picture printable by Sarah Bailey at Silhouette online store here

3 x 5 Jewelry bags

Variety of Kisses 

I can report to you that the kids were estatic with the Santa kisses and perplexed as to who delivered the goodies????

I’ll never tell!

To the teachers – THANK YOU for all you do!!!

Have a safe and festive Christmas and fantastic New Year!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Christmas Money Card Holders

The countdown to Christmas  is here.  The store bought presents are wrapped and under the tree….check!

There are many reasons why cash and gift cards work well for some people.  We have  friends and family members who like gift cards they can use for date night,  a deserved pamper day,  and some who just love to shop.  Have you noticed the cost of postage to ship can cost more than the gift?  And what teenager doesn’t like CASH? 

So today I made a few cash and card holders to put under the tree.

Money Cards

Simply cut a 7.5” (W) x 7” (L) piece of cardstock.  Score line at 1” and 4”.  Once you are finished decorating the cardstock, add tape on both sides of the 3” area to form your envelope.  I used removable glue dots for the top fold over edge.  The ribbon works too.

If you are making a gift card holder (Santa suit), cut cardstock width to 5.5”.  The belt on Santa slips on and off.

This next week is all about the homemade gifts and baking.

Stay calm and Christmas on!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Santa Christmas Cards

As promised, today I want to share with you my “Santa” cards.  Really, they are all things Christmas, but you get my drift.  I must admit I was having a hard time pulling together ideas for cards this year.  Thanks to Michael’s 70% off Recollections Christmas paper and 22 kindergarteners, the creativity began to flow.  

I work with a classroom of excitable kindergarteners who are already amped up for Christmas.  When asked  their favorite memories about Christmas (in their 5 years of life), it was stockings, making Santa’s nice list, playing in the snow and PRESENTS, of course!

This is what I created around those memories:

Fireplace Stockings: White and Teal paper.  Mantle - SU Adorning Accents Edgelits, Fiskars - Seasons Greetings stamp set, Inkadinkado -  Dot Flourishes stamp set. Stockings - Recollections Stickers.

Santa’s Naughty or Nice list:  Paper – Recollections Sugar Plum, Madison medium window die, Santa’s list – Silhouette printable file, and naughty and nice with check box – created in Silhouette.  Ferns cut from Silhouette file and holly red – small punch.

Fireplace StockingsNaughty 1

Santa Window & Sled: Darice brick embossing folder, Madison medium window die, Santa, sled and holly - Silhouette files.

Let it Snow:  Teal and white paper, Cuttlebug embossing folder, sled – Silhouette file and stamp is Fiskars - Seasons Greetings stamp set.

Santa & SleighSnow Sleigh

Presents:  White card stock, Recollections Sugar Plum paper, white ribbon and tag – Silhouette file.

Snowflake Present Card

If you lack inspiration for a card, ask a 5 year old, they got Christmas!  To my little friends, thanks for putting joy in my Christmas season and filling my heart….love you!


Christmas Cards

The Christmas rush has begun!  The plans are in place, some presents have been bought and received and this past week has been getting my cards ready to mail. 

Pinterest was my inspiration for these cards:

ApronPresent Card 1


xmas ballSanta


xmas ornaments

Tomorrow I will post cards Santa cards.

Thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Thanksgiving Cards

Do you have those days when you feel organized, have a plan in place and envision the day going smoothly?  Well, I got to the store with coffee in hand at 6:00 a.m. shopping for Thanksgiving.   You would think I would be the only one at the store, but it was quite busy with everyone moving about (also with coffee in hand) filling their carts, chatting about recipes, which brands were best and so on.  Who knew you could meet such nice and cheerful people so early in the morning?  I headed home to feeling pretty happy about the people I had met, that I had stayed ahead of the crowd and would now be able to finish the last of my Thanksgiving cards.

Yes, I know it is after Thanksgiving, but later that day when I wrote the post, my computer locked up and I lost the post.  When frustrated I have learned to walk away.  That is what I did and moved forward with Thanksgiving prep etc.   Who said posts need to be on time anyway.  Having said that, here are a few of the cards I made:

Birdnest  Leaf Tree

Embossing folder: Darice, Stamp set: Fiskars Build-a-Tree, Leaves cut from Silhouette file.  Love the birds nest with this stamp set!

Turkey 2

The turkey is a Silhouette print file and the leaves are a SVG file as well.  Note the cowboy hat on the turkey?  Well that card is for Cowboy Mike!

Sister L CardSister S Card

These were cards I received from my sisters.  Love the use of ribbon and score lines on the first card.  The second makes me smile as I am a country girl at heart!  Thanks Linda and Sheryl.

Hope your Thanksgiving Day was filled with love and great food!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Spooky Halloween Cards

I love Halloween when the kids come knocking.  My favorite treats, the little darlings who do not totally understand what Halloween is about.  When I open the door and greet them, some walk right in thinking the party is at our house.  LOVE IT!

The trick, big kids who are racing with their friends to see who gets the most candy!  Oh yes, and the teachers who are relieved Halloween is on a Friday this year so parents can deal with the candy coma the next morning…YES!    To the parents, I feel your pain with the endless “why can’t  I have more candy, after all it is mine?”
Well at our house, the decorations are up, candy is bought ( the quality control (or sampling) is complete, so now it is time to get cards in the mail.  Not to panic, I will start with those who live the farthest away and work my way to hand delivered.

Here are a few of the long distance cards:
Boo Card: 
Cat Card:
Now for the Sisterhood: 
This is the Halloween design by Sarah Bailey, Halloween Drink Set (here) from the Silhouette store.   I added colors to the layers, chose a font for  Eat, Drink and be Scary and printed the card out.  Super easy and so fitting for the sisters!
Eat, Drink
As with the previous card, I filled in the layers with color.  The text came with the file.  This design is another from Sarah Bailey found here.

Shoe Fits

Fun day making cards, but time to get these in the mail.  Stay tuned and thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Planting under a tree…

My summer was filled with projects to resolve regarding our yard.  As you can see from the “Before” photo below, we have a tree which absorbs most of the water and made it impossible to grow any type of plant.  After several summers of various options, this year we decided to build up the soil in hopes it would allow plants to flourish and add pops of color to the yard rather than looking neglected.

Planter Storyboard

Much to our surprise this project took about 2 hours to complete.  This is the process we used to complete the planting bed.

1.  Determine area size and measured the circumference.

2.  Decided to use 12” Retaining Wall blocks.  Although the photo shows cement glue, we did not need to use the glue and returned the product.

3.  Next, we did a dry fit with the first layer of blocks and made adjustments to the circumference area as necessary. 

4.  It was time to install the first layer.  Due to the slope in our lawn we used pea gravel for stability and  leveling the blocks.  In the photo above you can see this was a three part process.  #1 Level area with pea gravel.  #2  Fit the block into place.  #3 Use level to insure blocks were consistent.

5.  Because I don’t like weeding, we covered the interior of the bed with weed barrier and fill with potting soil.  Remember to fill the cracks between the blocks.
Note:  The starting point of the second row of blocks, (middle photo on right #1,2,3) the space difference showed the pea gravel we used to level the area.  We mixed potting soil with grass seed and tucked it into this area.  After three weeks the grass grew in and looks great.

6.  Last step, the planting.  I went to a nursery and found a wonderful women who understood I wanted perennials that would be growing in a shallow area under a tree.  She was great!  We planted Heuchera (Georgia Plum),  Delosperma floribundum 'StarbursNot perennial but I like the color, Rivera Marine Blue Lobelia.  In addition I just planted bulbs for spring. 

This was a fun project and I will not miss needing to replant this area every year.  Looks good and lasts a long time!

Thanks for stopping by………

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Fence Decor

This summer was spent around the house taking care of overdue projects.  Why is it that any project you start may sound simple, but as you delve into the details,  it grows and grows and grows.  The upside was the fence would not need to be done for a long time….it was the only saving grace while we worked in the hot and humid weather. 

Our starting point was to use up cans of paint left from painting our house.   I was not sure using three colors to paint our fence was a good idea.  Most fences are one solid color.  I must admit I was a bit concerned when I started, but the fence turned out great and adds an unexpected d├ęcor to the back yard.

Fence Decor

I listed the Sherwin-Williams paint numbers on the photo above.  It’s a good paint and definitely made the process easier. 

Have a good week and thanks for stopping by.

Friday, July 18, 2014

DIY Sponge Daubers

For the price of one dauber at the local craft store you can make a dozen daubers with “replaceable” sponges.

Dauber Tools

Materials List:

3/4” PVC pipe and pvc pipe cutter
Round Applicator Sponges (purchased at Walmart  $1.98 for  package of 12
Mod Podge & applicator brush
Double stick tape
Coordinating craft paper cut to 1” x 4”

I put together this short video to show how simple these are to assemble. 

Never pay for another dauber!

Thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

DIY Drawer Dividers

This week was round 2 of getting my kitchen organized.  I am not a patient person when something that should be easy, becomes time consuming.  Searching for utensils in my drawers were falling in that category.  Thanks to Pinterest, my patience has returned and the frustration level is minimal.

Here is how:

The tools you will need:

Oak Wood for Dividers1/4 x 3 1/2 x 48” Red Oak board (Lowes)

Power Grab

Loctite Power Grab (Lowes)

This dries clear and easy to work with.



Easy Liner

I placed this liner on the bottom of the drawers to stop the utensils from sliding when the opening and closing the drawers.





The old organizer didn’t work well and the white showed and dirt.

Drawer Divider 1

Three simple steps to complete the drawers:


Step One:  Layout your utensils in the drawer to determine placement.  Measure and cut your pieces.





Step Two: Cut and fit the drawer liner in the drawer.  Next, dry fit your cuts before gluing the pieces.  When you are happy with the fit, apply glue to the center connecting areas (we did not glue outside edges to the drawer should be want to change the layout in the future).  Remove excess glue with a cotton swab.

Dry Fit2Remove Glue and tape

Step 3:  Using painter’s tape, tape the dividers in place and allow to dry at least 24 hours.

Drawer TapeDrawer Tape 4

Drawer Tape 3

These are two of the six drawers we  completed.  This project took about 2 hours and cost about $25-30.  Time well spent since I no longer spend time looking for my utensils.  It makes me smile!

Drawer Done1  Drawer Done2



What to do with the left over materials……drawer dividers for the bathroom!  





More materials, so next I organized my craft room drawers:

Craft Drawer Before   

Craft DrawerCraft Drawer 2

Thanks for stopping by and have a great week.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Kitchen organization made Simple – Round 1

Does the simple act of  finding an item under your sink become frustrating and overwhelming?
Yep….the time has come to win this battle!

No matter how many times I reorganize under my sink, it doesn’t last.  The day has come for me to  take control of life under my sink!  I have two objectives:  grab products without having to search for them and make this dreary space look nice.
I found these two items from Lowes and Home Depot :
2 – ClosetMaid 11”  Cabinet Organizers
6 – 12x12 Peel and Stick Tiles


Thus began my vision of an organized life under my kitchen sink.  The project was actually quite fun and I found I was able to use a few of my “crafting” tools to help me create templates to cut the tiles.
Clear Sink1

Once the chaos had been cleared out, you can see there are watermark stains and just plain ugliness.  I was super excited to find an electrical plug to install lighting under this cabinet.  Builder Bob  was not near as excited as I was (TBD on the light).   For the next hour here’s how the install went:

Find center lineFind your center line and install as many of the full tiles as you can.

Cut Edge Template
Using a piece of 12x12 craft paper, my bone folder and cutter,  I created templates to cut the tiles to fit the remaining areas.
See the two pictures below for further clarification prior to making your cuts.

 Make the Edge Cut
Make the cut

The templates made the cutting easy!  Always remember to dry fit the template before you make the final cut.
Tiling complete

Baking Cabinet
Bonus:  Took our left over tiles and did the baking cabinet as well!

Objective #1:  make this dreary space look nice…CHECK!
Objective 2:  grab products without having to search for them. Ten minutes to install pull out shelves and this job was complete…CHECK!

Install Baskets

This project was a breeze and next week I am attempting to reorganize my frustrating kitchen drawers.

Have a great week!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Browns and Blues

Michael's had a “hot” sale on 12X12 paper pads for $5.00.  I can’t resist a good bargain and found two paper pads that leaped into my basket.

I needed two cards, a Father’s Day card and an Anniversary card.  One of the pads I purchased was Bohemia, My Mind’s Eye paper pad.  Below are the two cards I created using  brown and blue papers from this pad.  I like this color combination and excited to see what I could come up with. 
The first card was a Dad’s Day card.  This could be a birthday card also, but timing worked out for Father’s Day.

Father’s Day Card
Dad Day Card1
I chose a “blue-ish” coordinating card stock I already had as the base to this card.  The next layer is a blue and brown large polka dot paper from the pad.  I stamped as many of the activities which define my husband as I could fit on the card on the same paper as the base.  Each of these were backed with a matching brown frame.   Around the Happy Dad’s Day I added the wrench and hammer brads as he is the best handyman!  The inside of the card read “To a Dad who does it all!” 

 Anniversary card
Towel Card 1
Using the same color paper as the Dad’s day card for the base, I scored the the wainscot wall using my scoreboard.  The wainscot top trim piece is a rectangular piece of  paper raised with foam squares.  The upper wall is also from the Bohemia, My Mind’s Eye pad.  The towel bar was embossed using gray embossing powder and raised with foam squares.  The towels are cut from a Silhouette Store file, his-hers-towels by Ginny Nilson found here.  Adding texture to the towels I used  Cuttlebug’s D’vine Swirls embossing folder found here.  Coordinating brown paper was used to back the sentiment.

Thank you for stopping by and have a great week!