Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Bubble Gum Valentines Day Card

It is hard to believe that Valentine’s Day is fast approaching.  Time to reignite the flames of my Silhouette. 

The paper is from Michael’s and is Recollections - Valentine.  This 6x6 paper has various prints on both sides of the individual sheets.  With the 40% coupon it was $3…score!
The gumball machine design is Yummy Gumball Machine by PPbN Designs which you can find by clicking here.  The cutout was simple and easy to do.   What kid (and adult) doesn’t like a gumball machine.

Hugs n Kisses
You know them, they are hugs ‘n kisses people.   My sisters and brother remember Uncle Sam, that guy hugged so hard he knocked the wind out of you.   I am a gentler version of Uncle Sam.   I am the hugger and plant kisses whenever I can.  Sadly, as my kids got older and it wasn’t so cool anymore,  I would sneak kisses and hugs while they slept.  I bet you know someone  you could give this card for Valentines Day? 
The embossing folder is from  Sizzix Textured Impressions Embossing Folders 2PK - Birds & Wreath Set.  The embossed piece is backed with red paper and stamped with the Hugs ‘n Kisses.   Prep your lips with a bit of lipstick and place a few lip locks on the card, but in my case I had the stamp.   

Two cards down, and many more to go. 
Have a great day and give someone a hug and a big

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