Saturday, March 22, 2014

Spring Updates using Silhouette & Embroidery Machine

Yes, Spring is here and the sun is shining….yeah!
It is time to “freshen up” my house to spring colors.   I have been so busy playing with my Silhouette that my embroidery machine is feeling a bit neglected.  Off came the cover to my Brother Innovis 4000D and out came the new towels from Costco.   The towels are so soft and hold up well.   Each set has two hand towels and 2 wash clothes.   I embroidered a small flower group on the wash cloth and used some fabric left over from a previous project on the hand towel.  The green and brown ribbon was used in the before picture, but I am drawn to the teal and beige for summer.   

The before colors:               After   
   Bath Summer Update

The candles are on a timer which stays on for 4 hours.  Great for a bathroom.   Using the Silhouette I made new Soap and Lotion decals and flowers for the candles.   The bathroom is definitely brighter and feels more like summer.

A few years back my sister ask if I would embroider wash clothes for her two granddaughters (at the time).  The purpose was to give them their own wash clothes and save the guest towels for guests.  I obliged and embroidered two princess wash clothes with the girls names on them.  Since then, a third granddaughter was born and she is two.  The girls mentioned that little Vanessa did not have her own towel.   My machine was out and the design was chosen. 

Vanessa's Washcloth

Vanessa was excited to have her own wash cloth.  My grandkids have their own and pull them out whenever they wash their hands.   Makes them feel special.

The embroidered project I wanted to share with you is an apron I made for our granddaughter, Sarah.  When she was young she called me PaMa.  We figured she shortened Grandpa and Grandma and decided PaMa was easier.   Love those memories.  Sarah always helped make meals, but her favorite was  baking cupcakes.  She was and still is PaMa’s Cupcake.  I  embroidered  the cupcake on her apron and sewed pockets to hold her pink pig utensils.   She also wanted a chef’s hat (this was during her mermaid phase).  This apron is one I will keep and someday give to her daughter.  Although she is too big now for this apron, it still hangs in my kitchen. The next step for her love of cupcakes lead to building a Cupcake Stand which you can see in this post.

Sarah's Apron

Enjoy your week and Spring flowers! 

Friday, March 7, 2014

Craft Room Makeover for $15

Every year when the crocus start to peek through the ground, I know Spring is coming.  Of course, in Seattle it means we will get at least one last snow in February…..check!  As well, we will experience heavy rains and wind the first two weeks of March…..check!   During these few weeks I get Spring fever really bad!!!!  So with the snow, wind and rain, I decided to make a few changes to my Craft/Sewing Room. 
Silhouette Workspace
Since my original post ( click here ) I added another bookshelf desk unit for my computer and Silhouette toys earlier this year.  
Having the Silhouette and the supplies in one space  and close to the computer is convenient and simple.  Just the way  I like it!

As the rain poured outside, the good news, JoAnn’s was having a 50% off sale.    The bad news, I fell in love with two different fabrics and could not decide which one to purchase.  Keeping it simple,  I bought a yard of each.   I knew I wanted the colors in my craft and sewing room so here’s how I incorporated them into the space,
 Materials List
Materials:  Heat & Bond, fabric marker, scissors, tape measure and glue gun.  And of course, two IKEA Drona baskets.
   Heat Bond Edges
To evenly measure the hem, I drew a line on 110 cardstock  using this as a guide to  fold and iron the hem of the fabric.   This will give you even edges.  At the corners, cut an angle to get a clean edge.  Place the Heat and Bond (love this product) under the edge and apply the iron to fuse your hem. 

Hot Glue the edges

With the panels complete, hot glue around the edges and you are done.   Adds a little design to the space.

Craftroom Makeover
Covered Mouse Pad

There was so much fabric left over I decided to cover my mouse pad using fabric interfacing.  So simple, cut facing the size of your fabric and iron the rough side to wrong side of fabric.  Remove the back sheet and iron the fabric/facing to mouse pad.  Definitely personalizes your space.

Next came my second choice of fabric in my sewing area.   I decided to recover the chair cushion and recycled a lamp from another part of the house.  The problem, the lampshade was an ugly red.  Rather than buy a new shade I got inspired to recover the ugly shade.  A bit challenging for a first time, but thanks to trim pieces you can hide your mistakes!
Covered Sewing Chair         Chair Plain
              Before                                                          Under the cover, nice chair but very plain!
Chair After           Lamp Recover
                Easy to recover                             Recovered an old red lampshade with matching fabric
Sewing Area Makeover

Paid $9.99/yard and have plenty left over for other projects.  Adding the lamp warmed the space and gives me extra light while sewing. 

$15 and a rainy day in Seattle turned out to be a good day for my craft/sewing room.   Thanks for stopping by and have a great week!