Saturday, June 28, 2014

Kitchen organization made Simple – Round 1

Does the simple act of  finding an item under your sink become frustrating and overwhelming?
Yep….the time has come to win this battle!

No matter how many times I reorganize under my sink, it doesn’t last.  The day has come for me to  take control of life under my sink!  I have two objectives:  grab products without having to search for them and make this dreary space look nice.
I found these two items from Lowes and Home Depot :
2 – ClosetMaid 11”  Cabinet Organizers
6 – 12x12 Peel and Stick Tiles


Thus began my vision of an organized life under my kitchen sink.  The project was actually quite fun and I found I was able to use a few of my “crafting” tools to help me create templates to cut the tiles.
Clear Sink1

Once the chaos had been cleared out, you can see there are watermark stains and just plain ugliness.  I was super excited to find an electrical plug to install lighting under this cabinet.  Builder Bob  was not near as excited as I was (TBD on the light).   For the next hour here’s how the install went:

Find center lineFind your center line and install as many of the full tiles as you can.

Cut Edge Template
Using a piece of 12x12 craft paper, my bone folder and cutter,  I created templates to cut the tiles to fit the remaining areas.
See the two pictures below for further clarification prior to making your cuts.

 Make the Edge Cut
Make the cut

The templates made the cutting easy!  Always remember to dry fit the template before you make the final cut.
Tiling complete

Baking Cabinet
Bonus:  Took our left over tiles and did the baking cabinet as well!

Objective #1:  make this dreary space look nice…CHECK!
Objective 2:  grab products without having to search for them. Ten minutes to install pull out shelves and this job was complete…CHECK!

Install Baskets

This project was a breeze and next week I am attempting to reorganize my frustrating kitchen drawers.

Have a great week!

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