Sunday, October 26, 2014

Spooky Halloween Cards

I love Halloween when the kids come knocking.  My favorite treats, the little darlings who do not totally understand what Halloween is about.  When I open the door and greet them, some walk right in thinking the party is at our house.  LOVE IT!

The trick, big kids who are racing with their friends to see who gets the most candy!  Oh yes, and the teachers who are relieved Halloween is on a Friday this year so parents can deal with the candy coma the next morning…YES!    To the parents, I feel your pain with the endless “why can’t  I have more candy, after all it is mine?”
Well at our house, the decorations are up, candy is bought ( the quality control (or sampling) is complete, so now it is time to get cards in the mail.  Not to panic, I will start with those who live the farthest away and work my way to hand delivered.

Here are a few of the long distance cards:
Boo Card: 
Cat Card:
Now for the Sisterhood: 
This is the Halloween design by Sarah Bailey, Halloween Drink Set (here) from the Silhouette store.   I added colors to the layers, chose a font for  Eat, Drink and be Scary and printed the card out.  Super easy and so fitting for the sisters!
Eat, Drink
As with the previous card, I filled in the layers with color.  The text came with the file.  This design is another from Sarah Bailey found here.

Shoe Fits

Fun day making cards, but time to get these in the mail.  Stay tuned and thanks for stopping by!

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