Saturday, December 13, 2014

Christmas Money Card Holders

The countdown to Christmas  is here.  The store bought presents are wrapped and under the tree….check!

There are many reasons why cash and gift cards work well for some people.  We have  friends and family members who like gift cards they can use for date night,  a deserved pamper day,  and some who just love to shop.  Have you noticed the cost of postage to ship can cost more than the gift?  And what teenager doesn’t like CASH? 

So today I made a few cash and card holders to put under the tree.

Money Cards

Simply cut a 7.5” (W) x 7” (L) piece of cardstock.  Score line at 1” and 4”.  Once you are finished decorating the cardstock, add tape on both sides of the 3” area to form your envelope.  I used removable glue dots for the top fold over edge.  The ribbon works too.

If you are making a gift card holder (Santa suit), cut cardstock width to 5.5”.  The belt on Santa slips on and off.

This next week is all about the homemade gifts and baking.

Stay calm and Christmas on!

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