Saturday, December 20, 2014

Santa Kisses for Kids

For you teachers out there, we made it through our final week of school before Christmas break.  Olaf was hidden in our room and each morning those darlings looked for where Olaf was hiding.  As they gathered in circle, the teacher read which student Olaf noticed in class with with good behavior.  It helped maintain the number of meltdowns to Christmas with the kids.  What a fun idea and it held the attention of the students.

We also had special treats when they came in from the last recess of the day….the anticipation in their eyes as they came through the door…..priceless!

I love the Santa Kisses poem, so it was an easy choice for me to decide what to contribute to this group of little people. 

Santa Kisses

The snowflake jar filled with kisses was for the teacher who contributes so much to her students.  Parents, volunteer at your school to understand how much work is involved with your child.  It really takes a village to educate our children.

Here is how I created the treats,


Red label to hold the printed poem with Santa picture (I used a label but a Santa boot or sleigh would be fun!)

Santa List picture printable by Sarah Bailey at Silhouette online store here

3 x 5 Jewelry bags

Variety of Kisses 

I can report to you that the kids were estatic with the Santa kisses and perplexed as to who delivered the goodies????

I’ll never tell!

To the teachers – THANK YOU for all you do!!!

Have a safe and festive Christmas and fantastic New Year!

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