Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Silhouette Gift Ideas

I love SISTER TIME!  We don’t take life too serious when we are together, but our superpowers - we move like synchronized swimmers in a pool. Cooking in the kitchen is easy.  The meal is prepared with timeless ease, the table is set and presentation is perfect and the food is delicious!  Our new recipes get added to the family cookbook (see the post here).  The best part, we laugh so hard we can’t breathe, your stomach hurts as tears stream down your cheeks.  Life may drain us, but when we get together, we add years to our lives.      

Since we like to craft together, we made two projects found on Pinterest.  The first project is a great way to display photos.  This project is a great gift idea using vacation photos, wedding photos, grandbabies or any special occasion.  It was easy and fun to make.  Not bad on the wallet either!

Our supply list: 1 x 4 lumber, 3 picture frames, ribbon, sander and paint


We cut the 1x4 to length and painted the frames and lumber.


Using the Silhouette Cameo, we cut out in black vinyl, “A few of my favorite things….” .  The girls names (bottom of the picture frames) were cut out as well.  Lastly, we drilled 6 holes in the lumber for the ribbon.  String the ribbon through the holes and hot glue the ribbon to the back top portion of the picture fames.  We tied ribbons and glued them to the top front of the fames.


Makes me smile!

Still using the Silhouette, the next project was to cut out monogram initials in black vinyl to frame between glass.  We created one similar to this here


As always, our time together was not long enough, but we walked away with great memories….and smiles!

May your life be filled with special friends and family that make you laugh and fill your heart.

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