Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Painting Plastic Pots

In my last post (here)  I explained how I painted my lavender clay pots.  Painting these pots turned out so nice,  I decided to give the my ugly and cheap plastic pots a try.

As you can see in the photo below, the unpainted pot was really really ugly compared to the painted strawberry pot.  Knowing I can paint the cheap ugly pots, I will continue to purchase them, but  with a can of spray paint.


So easy…..simply wash the pot, primer the pot, then paint your pot.  As well you can decorate your pot!


The strawberry pots turned out so well I had to paint my other (cheap) black plastic tree pots.  I decided to incorporate two of the colors we have in the Arbor.  Again, wash pots, primer pots, paint pots..decorate pots.  It’s that easy!



I used foam I had left from another project and a glass bowl to make my circle.  You can cut the foam with an electric knife, we used a band saw.  First, paint the base coat and let dry.  Using painters tape we marked off the top portion of the planter and painted it a coordinating darker color.  Last, use the same darker paint to sponge  the polka dots!

Who knew pots could be cheap and so enjoyable to look at.

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