Saturday, November 7, 2015

DIY Toy Story Bank

Our grandson ask if we could make the Bank from Toy Story.  What a fun design/build project this turned out to be.  Starting with a picture we decided on the size, determined functionality and started the building process.  The rest was a work in progress.

This is for all the little boys and girls out there who are in love with Toy Story!  Need a place to store those Toy Story action figures?  We solved that problem by designing this bank replica with a removable roof to store all things Toy Story.

Toy Bank Collage_01

Most of the wood was already in our garage.  Yes, there will be cutting and gluing!  A few decorative pieces were purchased from the craft store for the porch poles.  The wood  sticks for the balcony and porch were embossed using a wood grain embossing folder!  The door knobs are brads and the bricks were painted using a cut stencil from my Silhouette Cameo!  Of course Grandpa made the doors to open.

The look on their face…..PRICELESS!

Next, a doll bed for Sarah!

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