Monday, February 22, 2016

Recipe holders with a message!

I like to give special handmade gifts to friends and family that let them know I am thinking of them.  You know, those gifts that make you smile when you look at them? 

So, with that idea in mind, most of our friends and family love to cook.  If you are like us, we start our day with that warm cup of coffee and end our hectic days around family dinners.  What better gift than to start and end the day reminding us to hold dear the memories we create with each other.  

We built these Recipe/Pad holders and chose colors  to match individual kitchen colors.  The sentiments were chosen to not only match their life story, but to remind them to stop and embrace the day.  The sentiments were from the Silhouette store and sized to fit.  

We gave these as Christmas gifts but these are easily a wonderful gift on Mother's Day, a birthday gift or simply remembering someone we lost.

Take time to remember the important things in life!

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Saturday, February 20, 2016

18" DIY Doll Bakery Stand

We built a cupcake bakery stand (view here) for our granddaughter, when she was young.  Today there is a new girl in town, her My Life Doll!  

One day in the mail (she likes to write us notes), I received this request.  


Below you can see the drawing she made for us with her vision of what the cupcake stand should look like.  There were a few modifications to the original design made in the build process, but the cupcake stand is complete. 

In a previous post, the next project was a canopy bed (click here).  

Love these heart warming projects! 

Have a good week everyone.....

DIY 18" Doll Bed

Every doll needs her own bed right?  Our granddaughter thought so and requested we build a bed so her doll could become her room mate!  Simple request right?  We searched the Internet for ideas and came up with our design, shopped for fabric and built the bed.   Seeing her face light up when she saw the bed, PRICELESS!  When asked if she liked it, the answer was a wide eyed yes!

Sweet Dreams at the foot of the bed was designed and cut using the Silhouette Cameo. Making pillows that small was challenging and since we couldn't decide on which fabric we liked best, we purchased three kinds of fabric and incorporated them into reversible blankets, sheets, canopy and pillows.

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