Monday, February 22, 2016

Recipe holders with a message!

I like to give special handmade gifts to friends and family that let them know I am thinking of them.  You know, those gifts that make you smile when you look at them? 

So, with that idea in mind, most of our friends and family love to cook.  If you are like us, we start our day with that warm cup of coffee and end our hectic days around family dinners.  What better gift than to start and end the day reminding us to hold dear the memories we create with each other.  

We built these Recipe/Pad holders and chose colors  to match individual kitchen colors.  The sentiments were chosen to not only match their life story, but to remind them to stop and embrace the day.  The sentiments were from the Silhouette store and sized to fit.  

We gave these as Christmas gifts but these are easily a wonderful gift on Mother's Day, a birthday gift or simply remembering someone we lost.

Take time to remember the important things in life!

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Saturday, February 20, 2016

18" DIY Doll Bakery Stand

We built a cupcake bakery stand (view here) for our granddaughter, when she was young.  Today there is a new girl in town, her My Life Doll!  

One day in the mail (she likes to write us notes), I received this request.  


Below you can see the drawing she made for us with her vision of what the cupcake stand should look like.  There were a few modifications to the original design made in the build process, but the cupcake stand is complete. 

In a previous post, the next project was a canopy bed (click here).  

Love these heart warming projects! 

Have a good week everyone.....

DIY 18" Doll Bed

Every doll needs her own bed right?  Our granddaughter thought so and requested we build a bed so her doll could become her room mate!  Simple request right?  We searched the Internet for ideas and came up with our design, shopped for fabric and built the bed.   Seeing her face light up when she saw the bed, PRICELESS!  When asked if she liked it, the answer was a wide eyed yes!

Sweet Dreams at the foot of the bed was designed and cut using the Silhouette Cameo. Making pillows that small was challenging and since we couldn't decide on which fabric we liked best, we purchased three kinds of fabric and incorporated them into reversible blankets, sheets, canopy and pillows.

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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Christmas Napkins


For all you sisters out there with embroidery machines, Christmas is not far away!  Each year I am short a napkin or two.  This year…. I decided to embroider plain napkins..  These napkins look so festive… the design!DSC_0138

The poinsettia design is Country Poinsettia found here.  I changed the color combination to coordinate with my existing table cloth and napkins.  It is nice to have a few extra napkins for the roll basket, table spills etc. 


The candy cane napkin was a free download from embroidery (click here).  You can download three free designs a week without purchase.  There are so many designs to choose from.  Be sure to check it out! 

This particular design was a bit off in some areas, but it will work well as a backup napkin or  I could fill in the areas with a fabric pen.  I am still fairly new to the ins and outs of my embroidery machine, so those of you who have suggestions, please help a sister by posting a comment?

Have a great Christmas season!


Saturday, November 7, 2015

DIY Toy Story Bank

Our grandson ask if we could make the Bank from Toy Story.  What a fun design/build project this turned out to be.  Starting with a picture we decided on the size, determined functionality and started the building process.  The rest was a work in progress.

This is for all the little boys and girls out there who are in love with Toy Story!  Need a place to store those Toy Story action figures?  We solved that problem by designing this bank replica with a removable roof to store all things Toy Story.

Toy Bank Collage_01

Most of the wood was already in our garage.  Yes, there will be cutting and gluing!  A few decorative pieces were purchased from the craft store for the porch poles.  The wood  sticks for the balcony and porch were embossed using a wood grain embossing folder!  The door knobs are brads and the bricks were painted using a cut stencil from my Silhouette Cameo!  Of course Grandpa made the doors to open.

The look on their face…..PRICELESS!

Next, a doll bed for Sarah!

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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Anniversary Card

Anniversary Card
Special cards for special people!

Materials used:
Spellbinders - Lacey Ovals Die Cut and Classic Oval (small)
Darice - Layered Heart Embossing Folder
Stamp:  PSX 270 (Anniversary) and Fiskars – Aged to Perfection (Wine)
Black and white ribbon

The wine bottle and glasses were stamped and scanned into my Silhouette Designers Edition and cut out.  These were attached using foam tape to give the card dimension.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Painting Plastic Pots

In my last post (here)  I explained how I painted my lavender clay pots.  Painting these pots turned out so nice,  I decided to give the my ugly and cheap plastic pots a try.

As you can see in the photo below, the unpainted pot was really really ugly compared to the painted strawberry pot.  Knowing I can paint the cheap ugly pots, I will continue to purchase them, but  with a can of spray paint.


So easy…..simply wash the pot, primer the pot, then paint your pot.  As well you can decorate your pot!


The strawberry pots turned out so well I had to paint my other (cheap) black plastic tree pots.  I decided to incorporate two of the colors we have in the Arbor.  Again, wash pots, primer pots, paint pots..decorate pots.  It’s that easy!



I used foam I had left from another project and a glass bowl to make my circle.  You can cut the foam with an electric knife, we used a band saw.  First, paint the base coat and let dry.  Using painters tape we marked off the top portion of the planter and painted it a coordinating darker color.  Last, use the same darker paint to sponge  the polka dots!

Who knew pots could be cheap and so enjoyable to look at.

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Monday, August 24, 2015

Painting Plant Pots

Five years ago we went to the Lavender Festival in Sequim, Washington.   If you are near Seattle in July, it is a must see trip.  I came home determined to plan this lovely plant in my garden.   Ahhhh Lavender…fragrant and beautiful.  It adds an element of love to the garden. 

However, five years later our small plants took over the area and required twice a year trimming.  Yep, the honeymoon with lavender was coming to an end.  Well not really, just the maintenance part!

I decided to pot the plants and keep it low maintenance.  All my pots were plain and uninviting, so I decided to paint my pots this summer.  After much research, here are my six steps to painting clay pots:

1.  Wash and clean the pots…let dry 12 hours.

2.  Seal the pots inside and out.  Let dry for 12 hours.

3.  Primer the pots.  Let dry for 24 hours.

4.  Paint your color, let dry 24 hours.

5.  Optional step:  I created a stencil and painted Lavender on the pots.

6.  Plant the Lavender in the pot and place in your garden. 

My attempts to paint pots in the past did not fair well.  Three months later these pots are holding up beautifully!   It’s like a second honeymoon!

5 final

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Silhouette Gift Ideas

I love SISTER TIME!  We don’t take life too serious when we are together, but our superpowers - we move like synchronized swimmers in a pool. Cooking in the kitchen is easy.  The meal is prepared with timeless ease, the table is set and presentation is perfect and the food is delicious!  Our new recipes get added to the family cookbook (see the post here).  The best part, we laugh so hard we can’t breathe, your stomach hurts as tears stream down your cheeks.  Life may drain us, but when we get together, we add years to our lives.      

Since we like to craft together, we made two projects found on Pinterest.  The first project is a great way to display photos.  This project is a great gift idea using vacation photos, wedding photos, grandbabies or any special occasion.  It was easy and fun to make.  Not bad on the wallet either!

Our supply list: 1 x 4 lumber, 3 picture frames, ribbon, sander and paint


We cut the 1x4 to length and painted the frames and lumber.


Using the Silhouette Cameo, we cut out in black vinyl, “A few of my favorite things….” .  The girls names (bottom of the picture frames) were cut out as well.  Lastly, we drilled 6 holes in the lumber for the ribbon.  String the ribbon through the holes and hot glue the ribbon to the back top portion of the picture fames.  We tied ribbons and glued them to the top front of the fames.


Makes me smile!

Still using the Silhouette, the next project was to cut out monogram initials in black vinyl to frame between glass.  We created one similar to this here


As always, our time together was not long enough, but we walked away with great memories….and smiles!

May your life be filled with special friends and family that make you laugh and fill your heart.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Valentine Cards

Valentine’s Day is a fun day to share with loved ones.  The day is not just a guy and gal celebration.  It’s  a time to share love with ALL the people who mean so much to us.  Sharing chocolates with your chocoholic girlfriends, drinks with friends, parties with kids….the list is endless.
Having said that, I want to share a few of the Valentine’s cards and gifts I made for my special people:
The first two gifts are free download files from Pinterest:
#1  You can download these free printable coupons from  I created a print and cut file with my Silhouette machine.  Now I am able to resize and personalize the coupons for any occasion.  Thanks Homemade Gifts!
Coupon Book
#2 What to do for a fantastic teacher…go to lil mrs tori for this free printable.  The saying “It takes a big Red heart to shape little minds”  says it all for this special teacher!  Thanks mrs tori.
Teacher Treat
Next, what to do for 22 Kindergarten kids who steal your heart?  We have full day Kindergarten and these students are learning to spell and print words at an incredible pace.  How proud they are, so this Pinterest idea worked great.  I purchased at Target, the larger size mechanical pencils (easy to hold for their small hands).  The lead was 1.3mm and will not break as easily.  Then attached a tag with coordinating string that says “ Your all write!   There were some excited students to have their own pencils and not have to share. 
Papermate PencilsValentine Pencils
For those loved ones near and far I made the following cards. Over the years I have collected Valentine’s Day stamps from the $1 bin at my local craft stores.  This year I decided to see what cards I could make using those stamps. 
Remember, share the love with your special people everyday, not just on Valentine’s Day.